Darkheart Desire

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Kinky Leather Roommates - Bound Together with BDSM

What happens when the girlfriend is out for the weekend, and you're left at home with nothing to do, but still extremely wound up, wanting to have some fun? That's the problem that Derrick seemed to be having. His girlfriend Daniel being out of town, leaving poor Derrick to be bored, lonely, and wanting to play at home. When his roommate, the younger, more vivacious college student Sasha comes into the room though, suddenly Derrick is struck with an idea. An idea that leads to erotic, naughty fun, and an afternoon of sexual deviancy for them both. Convincing Sasha though is just the beginning - But he's sure he can do it. He's got plenty of leather leashes, latex clothing, and more that can convince her. Plus she looks like the sort that wants to be someone's plaything.