C.W Tickner


A budding Science fiction writer who struggles to keep it inside his head.
Lives in Cambridge united Kingdom and passes time by trying to complete an ever growing bucket list.
expecting to release a full trilogy sometime in 2018.
love feedback and meeting fellow scifi fanatics.

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The Humanarium

Could you kill your god to win your freedom? Humans are now nothing more than pets. Orphaned as a child, Harl Eriksson lives an average life as a blacksmith in an ordinary town. However, his ordinary town is inside a terrarium maintained by an alien three hundred times his size. Trapped and unaware of a life outside their tank, Harl's people worship the giant alien as a god. When a deadly accident reveals the truth about his life, Harl is thrust into a surreal world on a titanic scale. He battles to understand what he uncovers as the future of mankind teeters on the brink of extinction. Can Harl rescue the remnants of humanity or will the artificial god be our downfall?