C.L. Matthews

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The Dating Games: Author Edition

How many frog kisses does it take to get to the center of a hunky-man lollipop? The world may never know... But I, Rebel Payne, am determined to find out. For my next bestseller, I'm willing to go to any length to motivate my stubborn characters. What better way to inspire them than a real-life Dating Games? I'm Coen Kidd, and I like my woman like I like my bikes: thrilling, dangerous, and ready for a ride. When Rebel trapezes into my life, my small world implodes right in front of me. She’s desperate for a happily ever after for her characters. I just might be willing to be hers. Too bad others don’t share our happiness. Even worse, they’re dead set on destroying us. But they don’t know me. They don’t know the lengths I’ll go. Our love will survive…I hope.