CJ Klinger


My name is C.J. "Chuck" Klinger and I write for the love of storytelling. I work in Bastrop, TX surrounded by the walls of my comfy workshop. My writing is only available to you because of the support from my wife, Janet.

I feel fortunate to have lived throughout the US in various careers as a corporate gypsy, but my true passion has finally come to fruition at the young age of eighty: to live the life of a writer.

My stories are character-driven. In the first 10,000 words I work hard to create the stage and get a picture of the story’s characters in my mind. After that the characters take over and write the story. Most times when I start a dialogue with a character, I have no idea what’s going to happen. The endings are sometimes as much a surprise to me as they are to the reader.

My science fiction series "The McKinnah Chronicles" begins with "Islandia: The Lost Colony." It's a unique sci-fi novel, the story of Johnathan McKinnah and his journey in a world of failed colonization when he stumbles upon technology.

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