C. Harris


Writing books is not only a passion of mine, it's my calling.

To be able to write real stories, about real women, with real struggles, yet weave in spiritual elements that really show the way God moves in our lives is my blessing.
My mission has always been to encourage women to continue growing in Christ so that they can truly experience a life of freedom.
My novels may make you cry, but they'll also make you laugh, scream, and shout with joy until the very last page. They're fast-paced and written with blood, sweat, and sometimes tears.
I currently live in Texas with my husband, Jordan. He's a special education teacher, living out his passion, and our dream is to retire by forty and travel the world.

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Love & Other Lies We Tell

In Love, There Will be Lies...

Stacy Cavanaugh has the perfect life from the outside looking in, but the unspoken lies between her and her husband Matthew have the potential to ruin everything.

'Till death do us part' becomes impossible when Matthew suddenly disappears, and Stacy learns truths about her husband that spiral into her having to confront a few of her own.

Dive into the lives of Stacy and four other women connected to her, as we explore the ways your past can really haunt you, and learn just what was meant when Jesus warned that whatever is hidden is meant to be disclosed, and whatever is concealed is meant to be brought out into the open.