CB Samet


Christina is a practicing physician, mother of two and wife to a caring and supportive husband.

“I grew up reading Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, and the Bourne books. I write seeking to create that level of action and intrigue but with female heroines. The love the quote, ‘She needed a hero. So she became one.’ My novels have empowered women overcoming powerful obstacles and the strong men who support them.”

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In the wake of the king's death, the forces of Bellos descends upon Karnelik. The Karnelik army prepares defense and retaliation, but Prince Malakai Dallik knows that they soon fight a losing battle. Their only hope is far-fetched scheme involving magic conjured by the queen, Isabel. Poisoned by an assassin, Malakai watches from his deathbed as disastrous events unfold. Will magic save the kingdom or doom them all? Enjoy the short story origin story of Malos as a precursor to the epic fantasy novel series The Avant Champion.