Caroline Tate

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Every Lasting Thing

A Second Chance Romance. On my one-year anniversary of being divorced, I'm completely struggling. Happy Anniversary, Alexis. You married a REAL winner. That is, until I run into the man who wants to help me change it all. Enter James Peyton. He's a single dad with green eyes and a heart as wide as the ocean. James... father to the most adorable little girl, who happens to be in the dance class I teach. Our paths have been crossing in tiny ways for months now. But once we're formally introduced, an undeniable connection is forged. Will I let myself open up to him? Will he be able to help me tear down the rock-solid walls I've built up the past year? He's begging me for a chance, and for all the chemistry I feel when he's around, I'd be ashamed of myself not to, at least, try.