Carla Godfrey


Writer of contemporary fiction.<br /> <br /> You can order and pre-order e-books via my official website.

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Just A Number

On the morning of Valentine's Day, thirty-six year old divorcee Martin Lewis receives a letter, suddenly, his mind is transported back to the past and memories emerge that he would rather forget.


Either Or...

During his adolescence, Richard went through an experimental phase which resulted in the birth of his daughter. Now, fifteen years later, he has become the man his father has always wanted him to be, but temptation is never far away...



She's bad for him, this he knows. But he doesn't have a choice... She'll NEVER let go. But...does he WANT her to?


The Wife In Waiting

Living a double life hasn't always been easy for Benjamin but when his wife thinks it would be a good idea to hire an events organiser for her birthday, fate deals him a blow when the woman in question turns out to be non other than his lover! Over the next few days, Benjamin faces a potentially dangerous juggling act as his wife and lover work together to organise the perfect birthday bash - but will his lover ensure it's one to remember...or one to forget?