Brett Fitzpatrick


I'm an author who was originally born in the UK but who now lives and works in Venice (Italy).

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Galaxy Dog Brett Fitzpatrick

Galaxy Dog follows Knave as he is sent down to the surface of an ice planet to take part in an invasion. Knave is at the very bottom of the hierarchy of the infantry. He operates a suit of power armor and a pack of twenty combat drones. A robot named Jay is also part of the invasion force, and Knave and the robot are destined to become friends. The enemy is a species of alien biomechanical life called Buzzers. As Knave penetrates a Buzzer research facility, he comes across research they are doing on the ruins left by an ancient, long-dead civilization of aliens called the Drifters. Knave, through no fault of his own, becomes the center of attention of the dreaded Ministry of Science, which changes his life forever.