B.R. Bergquist


Unlike a lot of my indie author colleagues I don’t recall writing many stories as a young child, but there was one in particular. A good friend of mine reminded me of a writing exercise we did in the third grade. We had to start off the story with Jack and Jill going up the hill and then…. you were to make up the rest. Mine went something like this:<br /> <br /> "Jack and Jill went up the hill and then Jack pulled out a gun and started blasting!"<br /> <br /> The End. <br /> <br /> Who or what was Jack’s antagonist and what was his motivation? I don’t recall that either.<br /> <br /> But I do recall always having a book in my hands and reading thanks to my mother. I grew up in a small suburb south of Seattle called Skyway. It was a rough neighborhood then and a ghetto now and you probably shouldn’t go there at night. Maybe not in the daytime either. Note the flash fiction story above that my nine year old self wrote. Things got so bad they even tried to change the name to West Hill but it will always be Skyway to me.<br /> <br /> It wasn’t all bad. As a kid my mom used to take me to the small brick library at the top of the hill. It had this cool little daylight garden out back where you could sit outside and read underneath Japanese Maple trees that would change color in the fall. There was mysterious white magic in that library and adventure at my sticky fingertips. All I had to do was find a stack of books and a quiet corner to crack them open to escape.<br /> <br /> Today I live in Hawaii and am thankful for the trade winds on a hot day as the sun shimmers off the ocean. There is something magical, even spiritual about this place and I enjoy writing about it as I learn more about its history, culture and legends. <br /> <br /> Thanks for reading.<br /> <br /> B. R. Bergquist

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The Menehune

Terror comes in small sizes. Widower and single father Brad Stevens is trying to rebuild his life in beautiful Hawaii. While visiting a local pawn shop his young daughter is given a strange mythological doll. Things start to get weird as the full moon approaches and soon their lives will be forced to change yet again. Fans of Chucky and Child's Play will enjoy this fast paced short story from Hawaiian based thriller and suspense writer B.R. Bergquist.