William Tyler Davis


A.J. Antony
A hilarious account of a halfling's adventure. If you liked Hobbit, you can't put this one down.

Chariss K. Walker
If you like elves, Halflings, dwarves, wizards, and magic, you’ll enjoy this entertaining sample of William Tyler Davis's story. In the midst of a well-fortified kingdom, Dune All-En, trouble brews as the king struggles to keep his throne. A dark conspiracy to topple the king’s reign is imminent in this adventurous fantasy.

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A Decent Fellow

AoD is life. That is Architects of Dreams, the MMORPG game that rivals World of Warcraft in player-ship, is life. For Wes, who thought moving to college would be simple and exciting, it is everything but. Forced to live with his girlfriend-stealing ex-best-friend, the sting of Nick's betrayal only a walk to the kitchen away, Wes finds solace alone in his room each night, gaming. When the campus housing manager calls and offers him a room in the dorms, it could mean cutting his ties with Nick completely. If only Nick would stop beating his dreams on AoD each night. Could his lab partner Riley be the key to moving on? Starting fresh? Or maybe the quirky girl on the floor above him who doesn't seem to understand boundaries. For fan girls and fan boys of FANGIRL.


Hero in a Halfling Preview

Not many halflings dream of magic. But Epik isn’t like the rest. Adventure. Excitement. He craves those things. He would rather learn magic, not follow a wizard on some fool's adventure.... Or so he thinks. The problem: magic is outlawed. After setting out for the city, what Epik finds in Dune All-En isn’t at all what he’d hoped. No magic. And few wizards. Luck, or something more sinister, is on the halfling's side. He meets Gabby, a wizard who is kind enough to rent him a room, or rather, a closet, at his now defunct magical supply store. And as a group of mountain trolls threatens the city, Epik sees the opportunity to do something, well, epic. If only the halfling inside him would stop peeking out.