Amara Minx


Amara A Minx writes provocative paranormal romance.<br /> When a trial by fire destroyed her home and contents, including dozens of finished manuscripts, it was five years before she was able to put pen to paper. <br /> Amara now writes, from her home on beautiful Vancouver Island pursuing a full time literary career. <br /> Already an avid traveler and an outdoors enthusiast, she became hooked on zip lining, and travels the world in pursuit of what has now become a passion.

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Double Shift

Get .5 of Double Shift for Free *** Content Warning*** applies to these chapters. A WOMAN MEETS TWO MEN IN WOLF’S CLOTHING When identical twin wolf-shifters, Gideon and Gabriel Wright, track down the sadistic vampire who killed their parents, their lust for revenge is dominant. Neither of them are seeking a mate… until they meet Emily. Emily Green, an innocent virgin, isn’t seeking a partner either. In fact, she has never been sexually aroused… until she meets Gideon. When she is introduced to Gabriel, her desire doubles. Emily learns early to never trust a smiling wolf, but can she fall in love with two of them. ***Content Warning*** Explicit love scenes. This book is intended for mature audiences.