Amanda J. Clay

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Lies in the Darkness

Adulting is hard. And liquid courage will only get Sophie and her friends so far.
Sophie DeLuca used to be a nice girl. That was before the college senior had her heart torn to pieces by a manipulative ex. Soaking her bad decisions in vodka fills the void, but her playboy co-worker Davis won’t let her off the hook. But could the Southern bar-back be hiding a secret crush?
Davis’ best-friend Blake has just found the one. He might finally give up his love of debauchery...until a one-night stand comes back to bite him. Sophie’s roommate Cassie seems to be the only one who has it all together. Aside from the drug addiction and eating disorder she hides far too well.
Full of humor, heart and comic romance, you won't put down this tale of love, friendship and learning to live.