Alice Shaw

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The Billionaire Experience: A Secret Baby Romance

Most girls wouldn’t run from the richest man in the city. I guess I’m not most girls. He has a dark secret, and no amount of money can keep it hidden. Then again, I have a secret of my own. I had his baby, and now both our worlds are crumbling to pieces. Walker When they find out who I am, they never want to leave. I’m the man of their dreams, the one experience they wish would never end. Let me tell you a thing or two about relationships. It goes one way. My way. Then I meet Erica Summers. All eyes stop to look at her. She has a curvy body, beautiful legs, and the face of an angel. I need her and she knows it. And she wants to know what it’s like to f*ck a billionaire. I could lose everything for one woman.