Alice Moore


Who is Alice Moore?<br /> She is British, from London.<br /> She is in her early 30’s.<br /> Although she is from England she prefers her Starbucks coffee with WHIPPED cream rather than a boring cup of tea but doesn’t despise people who prefer the latter.<br /> <br /> Alice enjoys writing in the cold weather as it gives her an excuse to snuggle under the bed sheets and write under the warmth of her laptop with an old and faint pink heart sticker on the side that she deems essential to her romance writing inspiration. Seriously don’t even think about telling her to remove it cause practically the whole world has tried and given up before.<br /> <br /> She enjoys outings such as going at the bars in the corner of her street with some friends or a walk in the park with her dog Fushia which is also her favorite color(Fuchsia). On such walks she enjoys allowing her mind to drift while spying on lovers that publicly yet shyly display their love and affection and she goes on walking and imagining a steamy romance story about how this love came to be until the smell of Fushia’s small presents on the grass hits her nose thus bringing her back to the real world.<br /> <br /> Alice specializes in writing BDSM romance novels (let’s just say that this Alice has a totally different idea of what wonderland should be like) and just loves fantasizing about the day when an alpha male billionaire that just always takes what he wants, will make her his forever

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Knocked Up by The Billionaire

A Billionaire Secret Baby Romance Natalie could be proud of herself. She had achieved her entrepreneurial dream of running her own Baking company. But soon she will discover that the only ones who run this world of business are men with power and money! To escape her worries about her business she starts exploring her hidden sexual fantasies....but little does she know that the Billionaire linked to her problems could be the remedy to them....after a few orgasms...worries always go away. “F*ck. Your smell- I wonder if you taste like peanut butter… You’re going to stay with me, and at the end of the night I promise you- I’ll find out just how delicious you are.” Get yourself a copy today! (No cliffhanger, Happy Ever after 30k Standalone Steamy Romance book for you)