Alexis Abbott


Alexis Abbott writes about bad boys protecting their girls! With super steamy sex, gritty suspense, and lots of romance, she’s a fixture on Amazon’s best-seller and all-star lists.<br /> <br /> She also writes as Alex Abbott for her erotic thrillers and contemporary romance.<br /> <br /> She lives in beautiful St. John’s, NL, Canada with her amazing husband.

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The Hitman's Masquerade

I might be a killer, but I'll risk my life to save her Sonya's supposed to be celebrating. A Halloween party to bring together all her friends and the biggest names in New York City before she departs overseas to tour with a prestigious ballet company. But the problem is that her guest list also contains some of the most dangerous men in the city. And at a costume party, no one is really who they say they are. That's why I'm here. To protect her. It's not just business, or Andrei Petrov's orders. Sonya is gorgeous, talented, and with the kindest eyes I've ever seen. I don't deserve a girl like that. Never have and never will. Someone wants her dead. I just want her. Tonight, only one of us will get our wish. This is a short Halloween story set in Alexis Abbott's Hitmen world.