A. K. R. Scott


A.K.R. Scott is a musician, actor, and lover of the written word. This native South Carolinian spent her childhood devouring books, whether tucked away in her bedroom, up a tree, or hidden under the dinner table. Now, she lives in Texas with her husband, two daughters, one rascally dog, and an ever-expanding library.

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Heart Of The Wood

When Pax left for the Music Conservatory to pursue his dream of becoming a Master Craftsman, he also left his family in a bind. Now, home for the Candlefire Celebration, he discovers his role has been filled by a less-than-perfect replacement. Can Pax repair his broken relationships before returning to the conservatory, or will he have to choose between his family and his dream? "Heart of the Wood" is a new short story told from Pax’s POV, and set during the action of “Inharmonic.” Though it is an “Inharmonic” companion story, it is spoiler-free and can be read as a stand-alone.


Inharmonic [Sneak Peek]

Nadja's life was perfectly planned: marry Luca, learn his trade, have their children. But the night of their betrothal celebration, an accidental murder changes everything. Now on the run, she'll have to leave behind the only life she's ever known. And to stay alive, she'll have to become something that defies everything she's been taught to believe. But Nadja isn't the only one changing. In Amrantir, where music is magic, nature bends to the will of the Musicians. But an echo from the past threatens the balance between Man and nature. With her newfound security in jeopardy, can Nadja evade capture and certain death? Can she unravel the mysterious circumstances linking her to Amrantir's checkered past? And can she fend off the advances of the handsome woodsman determined to help her?