A. J. Henry


A. J. Henry lives beside the pristine waters of Moreton Bay, Queensland Australia. He has several short stories in anthologies and published three novels. He volunteers as a guide at the local history museum and is currently working on an illustrated series of whales.

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Missing Murder Mayhem (Is In May)

Your grasp of dialogue is great. I like the way the characters interact verbally with one another. It feels real.
The relationship between Cribbing and Strickland is solid. Both characters are enjoyable and it was easy to root for them.
I thought it had a promising plot with much good writing and some nice turns of phrase. The writing is often strong and clear. But, I thought in places it tried to do too much and it would be strengthened by fewer characters drawn in greater detail.
One thing that really impressed me was how much of the story is revealed through dialogue. This seems counter-intuitive, and it's a style I see experimented with mostly in short stories more so than novellas - but I think you did a good job with it and paid off.


Other Tricks

It is rumored evil lurks within a building in Dunorth.

Rednecks force Harry to go inside.

Amid the rotting interior, his senses shudder upon finding others huddled in this dark place.

Is Harry the victim of a nightmarish prank, or is has he discovered the town's sinister secret?

He has no choice but to trust the alluring Lily or be condemned to eternity as a lost soul.