Abra Harrington


Abriana "Abra" Harrington is an easy-going connoisseur of erotic romance who enjoys art, pizza, and, of course, writing. She has written erotica and romance under different pen names, and has been known to pen the occasional sweet romance as well. She writes in the great Pacific Northwest with her cat, Kid Flash.

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Playing With Fire - A Short M/M/F Romance

Two weeks after getting together with his adoptive older brother and sister-in-law, Riley is completely smitten with them; he can't imagine spending the rest of his life without them. But his expectations are quickly turned upside down when he meets David, a man Seth and Carol used to date...And Riley learns that his lovers have frequent threesomes with college-age men. And they have never--ever--kept their young lovers around for long. So what does that mean for Riley?



Let It Snow - A Christmas M/M/F Romance

Riley has always been attracted to Seth, a young man his parents adopted as a teen, and Seth's wife, Carol; he's convinced he'll never have either of them. But when he catches them being intimate in his bed with only two weeks before Christmas, his lonely world is rapidly turned upside down. "Let It Snow" is an erotic contemporary short. The story contains explicit sex scenes, a threesome, and pseudo-incest.