Veronica Del Rosa


Veronica Del Rosa is a master at disguises. She can be a computer geek, an obsessed reader, a fun-loving mom, a sci-fi lover, a distracted gamer, and occasionally, a wise-cracking author. But don’t let the disguises fool you. First and foremost, she’s a romantic at heart.

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Magic Resistant

Her existence is illegal. Julia Hill joined the Mage Enforcers to save her own life. But if her colleagues find out she’s magic resistant, they’ll execute her without hesitation. It hasn’t been a major problem—it’s not like she’s going to spill her secret—until she meets Jackson. Or, more accurately, until he kidnaps her. A demon summoning ends in murder. Jackson Thorne is on the run, framed for summoning and losing control of a demon. Evading the Enforcers, his clues are sparse and allies are hard to find. Can he trust the woman he accidentally abducted or will she turn on him the moment she has the chance?