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Baby Wanted (A Billionaire's Surrogate Romance)

Casey is everything I want in a woman, and she’ll make the perfect surrogate. Malcolm: It’s bullshit. But, if I want the throne of Crane Enterprises, I’ll need to get a woman knocked-up. Casey Melville. Hot as hell. Check. Smart. Check. An offer that’s too good to be true. Check. I just hope that after she accepts I can keep things strickly business between us. Casey: Getting pregnant isn't the problem. It's protecting my heart from Malcolm which scares me. Hard not to get attached when the man of your dreams has a heart of gold and he’s a stallion in the bedroom. But, I’ll do just about anything to give my mother and sis a better life. I just hope I’m not making the biggest mistake of my life.


The Bodyguard

She's forbidden fruit - but I'm hungry for a taste. Years of training couldn’t prepare me for Kailey.From the moment we met, I knew I was royally f*cked.Smart-mouthed. Sassy. And unbelievably sexy.She is the key eye witness to a high profile criminal investigation– and someone has placed threats on her family.I was called on to protect her from the bad guys –but who will protect her from me? I may be her body guard but I’m tempted to teach her who’s really boss.


Office Duties (Old Man Daddy's Best Friend Romance)

Sebastian can't resist me any longer He's my dad’s friend, who I've been crushing on since high school. I never thought I'd be his Personal Assistant. I assumed my crush would have to remain a secret - but one moment of feeling every inch of him against me made me realize I wasn't the only one feeling the tension. There's no turning back now - he wants me just as much as I want him. Consequences no longer matter - I’m a grown woman, and I’m willing to risk everything for my shot with the man who's haunted my wet dreams for years. My mind is made up - but will Sebastian think of me as more than another notch in his belt? My desire for Violet is so damn real it hurts After her father's passing, I was mesmerized by her maturity and strength. I know it’s wrong to want her the w