Topher Burk


I am a graduate of the University of North Carolina writing program and has been an independent author since 2011. Like many writers, I have to work my writing in between family and a day job to make sure that I can keep eating and keep the computer powered up to turn out new works of fiction in the genres of: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Alternative History, and the occasional Literary Fiction tale. My passion is wordsmithing, and is truly the only thing that I do professional that brings me joy. I hope my work either inspires, horrifies, or fascinates you in some way. Please feel free to leave any comments on the blog, send me an email at

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Goodnight Kisses

Helen is a vampire who has lost her belief in love after the loss of her husband. After a tragic accident with unintended consequences, her family betrays her renewed belief. Her revenge is exacting and tears down their entire society.



Bartleby was a cursed hunchback. He finally found the perfect woman. She was just a little late.