Tom Haase


I am a Kindle best selling author in the Mystery & Thriller, Terrorism genre. Secret of the Thorns and my other releases: Secret of the Assassin, Secret of the Bibles, Secret of the Oil and my latest is the Secret of the Icon,Secret Device and Secret Vengeance.My new series will be out in 2018.<br /> <br /> My total focus is on effective ways to write, and additionally I address the ancillary needs of authors in the area of web design, SEO, copy writing , blogging, social media sales pages recommending how best accomplish those tasks in todays difficult publishing areas.<br /> <br /> I love to travel and have lived in Nepal, Ireland, Greece, England, Cyprus. I have learned that people are people, whether on the high mountain passes of Macapuchera in Nepal or the green hills of West Cork in Ireland. We all want basically the same things and have the same desires. I want to help people realize there is another way to achieve their goals if they will engage in creating something that has value and is of the highest quality. You can achieve that from any spot on the globe.<br /> I create and publish newsletters and you can sign up to receive them at my home page,

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Secret of the Assassin

Bridget and Scott Donavan told the world they had located the true Crown of Thorns, the staff of St. Peter, and some ancient sacred text scared to both Christian and Islamic faiths. Unfortunately, they had given their promise of silence to the Vatican representative for four million dollars. Multiple twisting circumstances lead them believe the Holy See has released the information and the Vatican believes the Donavans broke their commitment. They found the ancient sacred relic, the crown of thorns. They gave their word to keep that secret for money. They broke their word and the repercussions are devastating.