TW Iain


I'm T. W. Iain‌—‌at least, I am at the moment. Sometimes, I'm someone else, living in the north of England with my family, doing normal everyday stuff like everyone else.

But when I'm writing, I'm T. W. Iain. I have stories going round in my head, and once they take shape they have to come out. I get up at some ridiculous time in the morning so that I can work on these stories before anyone else is stirring, and before I have to head off to my 'proper job'.

Anything else? I read (of course I do), listen to music (at least that's what I call it - others would disagree), and try to look after myself. And I keep thinking about these stories, and what I can do with them. Then the ideas multiply, each one spinning off into a whole new universe of stories.

Obsessed? Never!

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Dark Glass (Dominions I)

Rodin, professional killer, is forced to take a contract within the perfect society of the Dome, a place where problems are solved with words rather than weapons, where violence only exists in art, and where manners are everything.
But there is no such thing as a perfect society. If a killer like Rodin can operate under the glass, so can others. As Rodin edges closer to the target, he starts to understand how he can trust no-one. Not even himself.