TJ Muir

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On Borrowed Luck: Preview

Ancient Prophecies. Shadow Dancers. And a side of assassination. Scrappy but small, Kirrin gets beat up. A lot. When he hides from the local gang in a powerful man's carriage, he's transported to a vast rural estate. Far from home and hungry, Kirrin is caught stealing from the kitchen and fears the worst. But the So'har Hak'kar is impressed with Kirrin's tenacity and cleverness. Under the corrupt lord's guidance, he learns fighting and stealth. He finally has the life of adventure and excitement he imagined, as he trains with one of the mythical shadow dancers and chases down a long-forgotten prophecy that predicts the return of a lost paradise. Forced into crimes far worse than stealing bread, Kirrin struggles with who he is becoming. He knows he is living on Borrowed Luck...


On Dangerous Ground: An Epic Journey Begins

Chased by bullies, 15-year-old Kirrin finds himself caught between a dangerous lord and angry gods. Kirrin dreads the walk home from the public bath-house; “public” for him has never meant “safe.” Being smaller than the other boys, quiet, makes him their ideal target–as numerous beatings attest. He prays to the gods to get him home safely, but they don't seem to be listening. To escape one such attack, he hides in a parked carriage and ends up on the ride of his life. Outside the city, in the world of powerful lords and estates, he is accused of trespassing and theft. In his fervent attempts to escape, he impresses the Lord, who takes him under his wing and teaches him to fight. Kirrin has no idea what he has gotten himself into. He is being groomed, but for what?


Before the Luck Runs Out-preview

For fourteen years Jedda’s home has been in the shadows and alleys of Tatak Rhe- city of the wealthy, powerful, and corrupt. Scrounging for survival, relying on nimble fingers to stay fed. But, buried in his blood lies the gift of magic: an invisible hand guiding his life. Cold and hungry, he nicks the coin purse of one of the city’s powerful rulers. The man looks at Jedda and sees his hidden heritage. He makes a decision that will change a hungry boy’s life forever. Jedda gets drawn into Karrahk's service, and uncovers secrets from all over the city. But when his magic awakens, everything changes. He is grateful to Karrahk for saving his life. But he realizes his life is in more danger from his saviour than it was on the streets. Karrahk plays a ruthless game where power is more i


Poking the Bear

Magic is inherent for Taojhi. Not so much for her cousin Gherant. So she sets out to teach him magic the hard way. The slow way. Gherant’s quick wit and impulsive nature tend to get the better of him - especially because he likes to play with magic. But magic isn't always the best solution to things... Taojhi understands this, but Gherant will learn his lesson the hard way. When the bear pokes back.