Spencer Michaels


Michael Bennington is a retired nightclub entertainer and Catholic school music teacher. Retirement has encouraged the development of his storytelling passions into his first novel.

Spencer Bennington is a first year PhD student at the University of South Florida. His short story "Solitos" was published by Writers Digest and his novella "Jesus Christ Medicine Man" was the recipient of the Radford University Graduate Scholars Award for Outstanding Thesis. "IF" is Spencer's first collaboration project with his Dad, Michael Bennington, and is his proudest work to date.

The father and son team, coming together as one voice, has adopted the pseudonym Spencer Michaels.

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Beachin' in the Keetchin' with Scotch Spencer Michaels

Recipes from the locales in the paranormal romance novel "IF" by Spencer Michaels. PLUS music and video links that go along with your meals. Some good scotch suggestions too!


If Spencer Michaels

Does true love stand a chance against a hitman and the mob? When Anna, a young naive girl, is forced into an arranged marriage to William Bakalar, a hitman for the Youngstown, Ohio mob, she never expects to risk everything by falling for another man. But Mark Banos, known on stage as Tom Marks, is everything to Anna...not just her love, but her destiny. Tom, a quick-tempered night club performer, and Anna, an innocent psychic who toils away her days as a department store clerk, find romance. But their union is merely an undercurrent of what’s really at stake for this couple. They share a deep connection beyond mere physicality, but that which is also spiritual. Their Twin Flame relationship, if not realized, will affect more than their hearts, but also the wellbeing of the planet.