Shannon Ahn


Hello! I'm an independent author who's passionate about stories, especially ones with strong female protagonists and extraordinary people.<br /> <br /> Crossing Realms is my first foray into writing fiction and reflects my love of action, science fiction, and romance. It all started with a question: What if your dreams are more than just dreams? I wanted to write a story about a woman who learns that her dreams are special because I often have intense emotional dreams and wonder what they could mean. And when I developed the plot and decided on the meaning of my heroine's dreams, a whole new world of possibilities emerged, and one book evolved into a series.<br /> <br /> I live in sunny Florida with my wonderful husband and our two adorable cats. Before diving into writing fiction, I worked in non-profit fundraising, mainly in higher education. I also own an independent video game company with my husband.<br /> <br /> Happy reading!

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