Shady Grim


Shady Grim is a reclusive fiction writer who writes in multiple genres, but favors stories of a dark or supernatural nature.

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Night Terrors :Three Horror Shorts

"The Rabbit" Word Count = 7K+ Valerie grows increasingly paranoid about her daughter's new pet rabbit. Her husband thinks she's losing her mind, but Valerie is determined to protect her family at any cost. "Einar's Folly" Word Count = 4K+ A search for privacy leads a young man into a desperate fight for survival when he accidentally stumbles onto the lair of a dark creature. "Playing With Fire" (The Longer Version; the short version is free and available on Instafreebie.) Word Count = 20K+ Five teens get more than they expected when they use a spirit board to talk to a deceased relative.


The Presence

The owner of a crumbling Victorian mansion returns to it in an attempt to reconcile the nightmares of her past. She’s grudgingly reunited with her estranged cousin, Ethan. They are both drawn to the house where, in childhood, a third cousin met with a heinous end. Heather finds the house and its surrounding rural landscape to be warm and comforting, whereas her cousin thinks the house itself is haunted and the woodland surrounding the home is alive with demonic activity. The tension comes to a boiling point when Heather’s school friend, Shelly, and her son, Jimmy, come to live with them. Shelly immediately begins having spectral visions and terrifying nightmares. Heather believes Shelly’s experiences are the result of an unstable mind, while Ethan argues that the haunted house is to blame.


Playing With Fire: The Short Version

A group of teens get more than they bargained for when they use a spirit board to communicate with a deceased loved one. Story is approximately 4300 words.