Saul Tanpepper


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Saul Tanpepper is the specfic pen name of author Ken J. Howe, a PhD molecular biologist and former Army medic and trauma specialist.

Titles include:

The post-apocalyptic series GAMELAND
(recommended reading order):
- Golgotha (prequel, optional)
- Episodes 1-4
- Velveteen (standalone novella, optional)
- Episodes 5-8
- Infected: Hacked Files From the Gameland Archive (insights for the avid GAMELAND fan)
- Jessie's Game #1: Signs of Life
- A Dark and Sure Descent
- Jessie's Game #2: Dead Reckoning

Post-apocalyptic series BUNKER 12
- Contain
- Condemn
- Control

International medical thriller serial THE FLENSE (a BUNKER 12 companion series)

Short story collections:
Shorting the Undead & Other Horrors
Insomnia: Paranormal Tales, Science Fiction, and Horror

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Shelter in Place Saul Tanpepper

A sudden lockdown at her elementary school thrusts a third grade teacher into survival mode. But as hours pass, and the threat is slowly revealed, she'll discover that the risk inside her classroom is as great as the one waiting outside her door. "Shelter in Place" is a standalone short story in the worlds of BUNKER 12 and THE FLENSE.


Contain (Bunker 12 series, Book One) Saul Tanpepper

BUNKER 12 SERIES DESCRIPTION Requiring no more than the slightest skin-to-skin contact, the Flense spreads with ruthless speed and stealth, decimating mankind before it's even aware of it. The infected are turned into soulless creatures, Wraiths, which wreak destruction upon anyone and anything in their path. Secure inside ten isolated bunkers are Humanity's tattered remains, each working tirelessly to unravel the mystery of the scourge. But the bunkers were never meant to protect forever. In fact, they were never meant to protect at all. CONTAIN is the first book in the new thriller cyberpunk series BUNKER 12.


Deep Into the Game (S.W. Tanpepper's GAMELAND Book 1) Saul Tanpepper

Zpocalypto gamer Jessica Daniels and her gang of code jackers will risk their lives to break into Long Island's Gameland hoping to catch a glimpse of the Infected Undead. But after a terrifying accident nearly takes the life of one of their members, the plan begins to unravel. One of them, however, has a secret agenda that doesn't involve the rest of them getting off the island anytime soon. Not alive, anyway. And maybe, not even dead, either.


Velveteen (a GAMELAND title) Saul Tanpepper

Long Island is in the throes of a deadly outbreak, but all six-year-old Cassie Stemple knows is that the recent loss of her brother is tearing her family apart. As her parents struggle to protect her from the terrifying disease swiftly overtaking the island, they fail to recognize the insidious infection killing them from within. Cassie turns to her beloved pet rabbit for solace... until it too sickens, and her own health begins to deteriorate. Unable to escape the horror, she realizes that maybe all they need to save them is a little nursery magic. A tale of horror for readers age 14 and older.



Leviathan Saul Tanpepper

Earth is dying. On a barren, windless shore of a dead sea, two people, a father and his child, eke out a meager existence. They eat what little they can find. They are tormented by memories and tales of what the world once was. Then, on a day no different than the thousands of others they have lived, the child hears the ghostly call of a sea creature presumed extinct for decades. Was it real? Or was it the last gasp of planet nearing death? "Leviathan" is a short, dark, and haunting post-apocalyptic story (~6500 words) written in stream-of-consciousness. Inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s "The Road." Appropriate for readers of all ages.



Ascendance Saul Tanpepper

For centuries, Humanity expanded into the galaxy. We thought we were alone. Then came the alien Swarm. They destroyed our colonies and decimated Earth cities. They took from us our sense of sovereignty. It wasn't all they stole. There were thirty-six of us to start. This is the story of our abduction and our fight to survive among the stars. It is the tale of an unlikely hero who will one day bring us all back home. Part Lord of the Flies, part Ender's Game, Ascendance chronicles the beginning of a lifelong journey by a group of young social outcasts, including a troubled teenager on the brink of manhood. It is the inaugural title in THE INTERSTELLAR LIFE OF PIGEON, a planned trilogy based in the world of best-selling author Nick Webb's popular space opera, LEGACY FLEET.



The Last Zookeeper (includes bonus story "A Flaw in the Divine") Saul Tanpepper

The Last Zookeeper: A young boy is tormented by his obsession with the aged caretaker of the world's last animal menagerie. It's only after the keeper's passing that he finally understands why. The Last Zookeeper is a 2600-word (~10-page) short story about extinction, annihilation, and the possibility of a future in which technology, not Man, is the apex predator. A Flaw in the Divine: After the invention of an artificially intelligent machine capable of self-awareness, a man tries to use it to save humanity from destroying itself and the world, only to find that he has lost control of his own creation. A Flaw in the Divine is a 3600-word (~14-page) short story with metaphysical, religious, and existential themes.


Golgotha Saul Tanpepper

In a desperate attempt to prevent a global human catastrophe, a molecular geneticist self-administers an experimental antidote against a military virus for reanimating the dead. To ensure that it works, he must first infect himself with the virus and allow the disease to proceed to its inevitable, terrifying end. A standalone tale of suspense and horror, Golgotha sets the stage for the epic post-apocalyptic series GAMELAND. Please visit Saul's website at for more books in the GAMELAND world, including an additional free 3 book starter library.