Sarah Rockwood


Sarah Rockwood is an author of urban fantasy for modern humans. She likes tea, loves her cat, and enjoys overthinking almost everything (including this bio). <br />

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Torn From Stone

What if the most important part of you was locked away, encased in stone, and only you could set it free? After a lacklustre birthday party, Phoenix finds a strange creature hiding under her sink. Doing what any sensible person would do, she pokes it. And when that little guy wakes up, he rocks her world. You see, Phoenix isn’t human, the little guy under her sink just told her so. She is actually a Traveller, once a beautiful humanoid who moved through time on multi-coloured wings that filled the sky. So why is she here, sitting on the floor of her tiny apartment with a strange creature named Sid? Where are her wings? And why doesn’t she remember any of this? For fans of the Dresden Files, Anita Blake – before the erotica, and anything by Patricia Briggs.


Tales from the Void

Noiryn, a beautiful siren with a permanently closed third eye, copes with loss while floating in the gentle currents of her private cenote. Meanwhile Yeren gives us an inside look at the infamous Big Foot video from 1967.  Was it merely a chance encounter with a magical beast or a sinister moment deep in the woods with a creature of evil. And Benyst takes an erotic journey into the truth of what he really is.  How do pleasure and pain live so closely? Can a warrior truly purge the violence from his soul, and will the blood on his hands ever come off?  The Archer searches for answers as he fights for his life at the hands of his brethren. Tales from the Void, a window into the lives of four main characters from Torn from Stone, the first novel in the Phoenix Series.