Sandy Rideout


Sandy Rideout is the author/co-author of 16 books, including Speechless, Scripted, and Golden Boy: How to raise a dog all wrong and end up all right. Learn more at

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Dashing - A Funny & Heartwarming Tale

Dorset Hills is known for two things: its passion for dogs, and its passion for Christmas. So when Mim Gardiner’s beloved pooch, George, goes missing on December 20th, it’s a major event. That a dog could be stolen and held for ransom in “Dog Town” is an insult to everything that makes this community special. As a workaholic nurse and single mom to a sullen teenage son, Mim seems an unlikely target for crime. But there’s a side to her sweet George she didn’t know, and at least one neighbor who isn’t sorry to see him gone. Gorgeous and abrasive Carver Black makes no bones about his distaste for George. The more she digs, the longer the list of suspects grows. Can she solve this mystery in time to bring George home for Christmas?