S Mays


S Mays grew up in a small rural town in Virginia. He spent much of his childhood building elaborate stories in his head, reading whatever books were hidden around the house, or exploring the local woods. His grandma possessed a bookshelf containing a set of hopelessly outdated encyclopedias, which he read front to back numerous times. He marveled at the prediction man would eventually land on the moon (1.5 decades after the event had already occurred). He'd make frequent trips into his grandma's armoire, attempting to find the entrance to Narnia, but he'd always just end up making his grandma angry instead of discovering a dimensional portal.

These days, when he is not working for The Man, he spends time at home with his wife and their menagerie of pets, which range from several fish to cats, dogs, and an army of ferrets. His interests include reading (fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, horror, and comic books - naturally), playing video games (RPG, strategy), watching television (anything related to superheroes, Rick and Morty, MST3K, GoT, Comedy Bang Bang - basically anything absurd or not based in reality.) He has been known to weight train from time to time.

S Mays writes superb tales in the genres of urban fantasy, fantasy, and horror. Be sure to keep up with recent developments and announcements at www.s-mays.com, or by following him on Amazon.

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