Robertson Tait


Robertson Tait was born in the Highlands of Scotland. He has been writing since University and his contributions have appeared on a variety of web sites. From an early age, Robertson has had the opportunity to travel extensively and his experiences are frequently woven into his story-lines. In his writing, he reaffirms his unapologetically romantic views, imbued with a passion for beauty, art and the good life. He is also a singer songwriter and currently lives with his wife and three cats in the wine country of Bordeaux, South-West France.
On his Website, via his Newsletter Sign-up, Robertson shares some of the musical compositions that form an integral part of his narrative. These tracks are currently ONLY AVAILABLE to his Newsletter Sign- Ups, and, there may be a search for a female voice to feature on one, as yet unrecorded duet - Can you sing ??!!
"Certainly it would help, cos I need all the help I can get," are his words on that subject.

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