Roberta Caroll

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Story beyond time; Babylon Roberta Caroll

An ancient story has survived the floods, surfacing in Babylon 3000 BC. It speaks of a power that allures its finder to give up his own son for an experiment that tears lovers apart and corrupts the most precious of all human gifts. A man arrives at Arwina’s doorstep, severly injured and without any memory of who he is. Hiding him from the king until he has fully recovered she then offers to help him retrace his steps. But as he becomes embroiled in the past, uncovering who he is, and why he has become that way, she knows she will have to let him go. Because like him she is compromised by a destiny beyond her own will and not free to follow the calling of her own heart. As he makes the final discovery about himself, the agony of his past threatens to once again engulf him, and he has to


Story beyond time; Atlantis Roberta Caroll

What is the story beyond time; what is the power it speaks of, that drives its finder to possess it, corrupt it and channel it? The governor of Atlantis has just declared that he has found a way to make it rain after a three year drought. Alanthea, High-priestess, is haunted by a woman she never knew; a woman, who is surrounded by mystery. As Alanthea starts to piece together the puzzle of the other woman’s life she finds her coded poems and embarks on a journey the governor has already made. Arakon always thought of himself as an orphan, a loner without any real belonging. They move parallel in their search for answers, but when the weave finally unravels, what has been set in motion cannot be undone.