Richard C Hale


Richard C. Hale has worn many hats in his lifetime including greens keeper, bartender, musician, respiratory therapist, and veteran air traffic controller. His most recent role—that of beloved author of thrillers—seems to suit him best.

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Cache 72 Richard C Hale

72 hours. That's what the note said. 72 hours and the girl would be dead. Jaxon held the paper in one hand and the severed finger in the other. It was not a hoax. A day with his new hobby had turned into something he hadn’t seen coming. GeoCaching—a modern scavenger hunt—was now a race against time. A woman he had never met was praying he wouldn't fail. 72 hours. Three days. A life hanging in the balance and the clock ticking. The killer's game deadly. Jaxon Jennings, retired cop and private eye, knew the girl had only one chance… And he was it.


Frozen Past Richard C Hale