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Rebecca Elyon has enjoyed reading romance books since the age of 9. She has always loved science fiction and good romance movies as many of her plots are inspired from these movies. She enjoys a good hearty laugh as she thoroughly delights in the humor and ironies of life. It’s easy to catch her watching television reruns of Bewitched, Beverly Hillbillies, and Friends, which never ceases to get roar out of her.

She dabbles in a variety of spiritual and metaphysical studies. Since she lives in southern Florida, she enjoys attending the various metaphysical workshops around the area. Some of her stories include elements of the subjects and ideas from her metaphysical activities and studies. When she isn’t working on her next sexy story, you can find Rebecca watching an episode of the television show Modern Family.

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Realm Shifters: Entire Series

Kyla Dean has been a spitfire her whole life and being a New York City Police Officer has only honed both her skills and her attitude. Hot on the trail of a dangerous thief, she finds a little more than she bargained for when she falls into a different world… Khaytab has a handsome king and a strict set of rules about a woman’s place. Kyla isn’t terribly impressed with either one. Unfortunately, she needs the king’s help in tracing down the one person who can get her back home. The only way she will be able to track down this thief is to pretend to be a man and go undetected. The king suddenly assigns her to be his personal guard, but how long can Kyla hide her real identity from him? Will he find out who she really is before she can track down the thief who has her only way home?