Pat Mills


PAT MILLS, famed as ‘the Godfather of British comics’, started his freelance career writing stories for Valiant, The Spanker, Everlasting Love, Shandy and Laarf! He went on to create 2000AD, featuring Judge Dredd, and wrote many of its key stories such as Judge Dredd, Slaine and Nemesis the Warlock.

Subsequently, he co-created the anti-superhero character Marshal Law, with Kevin O’Neill, for Marvel Comics, and wrote the satirical French bestselling series Requiem Vampire Knight with art by Olivier Ledroit, now published by Editions Glenat.

His acclaimed anti-war series Charley’s War, with artist Joe Colquhoun, has been the subject of major exhibitions in French war museums. He was made an honorary professor by Liverpool University for his contribution to popular culture. His series Accident Man, co-created with Tony Skinner, is currently being made into a film starring Scott Adkins (Lucian in Doctor Strange).

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Serial Killer

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