P.A. Wilson


Perry Wilson is a Canadian author based in Vancouver, BC who has big ideas and an itch to tell stories. Having spent some time on university, a career, and life in general, she returned to writing in 2008 and hasn't looked back since (well, maybe a little, but only while parallel parking).
She is a member of the Vancouver Writers Social Group, The Royal City Literary Arts Society, and The Surrey Writing Workshop. Perry has self-published several novels. She writes the Madeline Journeys, a fantasy series about a high-powered lawyer who finds herself trapped in a magical world, the Quinn Larson Quests, which follows the adventures of a wizard named Quinn who must contend with volatile fae in the heart of Vancouver, and the Charity Deacon Investigations, a mystery thriller series about a private eye who tends to fall into serious trouble with her cases, and The Riverton Romances, a series based in a small town in Oregon, one of her favorite states. Her stand-alone novels are Breaking the Bonds, Closing the Circle, and The Dragon at The Edge of The Map.

Check her out on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AuthorPAWilson

She tweets between writing and creating on-line courses. Follow her @perryawilson for odd comments and retweets.

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Closing The Circle

A mutilated body in the Palace of Fine Arts. A clue leading to a suspect... or is it the next victim? Felicity Armstrong’s day is shattered by the sight of a dead body. The SFPD see a connection to her, but Felicity denies knowing the dead man. When the second body is found, doubt creeps in. She is the only one who believes in her innocence. Committing these crimes isn’t something you forget. Then it all changes. No longer a suspect, Felicity fears for her life as it becomes clear that the killer has a plan. What would you do if your friends are murdered one by one? Get a copy of this page turning psychological thriller and keep your lights on.



Quinn Larson never wanted to save the world. Witnessing a murder takes away his choice. A homicidal sidhe queen, fairies driven to desperation by her plots, and a frightening world of humans, all collide to create a hero. How much will saving the magical world cost Quinn? If you like stories of reluctant heroes who risk it all, grab IMPERATIVE, the first book in The Quinn Larson Quests, and fight alongside Quinn and his friends.



A car accident that includes a bullet wound? Charity Deacon won’t let the cops ignore the murder. She digs deep into the gritty underworld of Vancouver to solve her case. Justice isn’t negotiable when it comes to Charity. If you love determined women and mysteries about justice for everyone, you’ll love Hubris, book one of the Charity Deacon Investigations.


Spells & Other Charms

Sometimes it takes more than a little rivalry to win a competition. Quinn Larson is stuck. He wants to learn the high-level spells, but he can't seem to master the beginner-level ones. Then Cate comes along. Is she there to take his place as Master Vollont's only apprentice?


The Alice Street Inn

Niki is too trusting. At least that’s what she learns when her boss kicks her to the curb. Alone, without a job, and no ties except one very busy friend. Niki decides to get out of town. She just needs a short-term job to finance her travels. Alex is looking for a manager, just that, no emotions. He won’t let another woman play him for a fool. Can they work together without falling in love? Hah, not a chance. Grab The Alice Street Inn and find out if they can forget history and trust enough to love.


Buying Into Death

It's just a simple task, find an office for her growing private investigation business. Now there's a dead body, and Charity has to find the killer before the police arrest her vulnerable client.


Off Track

Kidnapped to a magical world and asked to fulfill a prophecy she doesn’t understand, Madeline struggles to return home before the door closes. Madeline had a life plan. It didn’t include being dragged to a magical world where life danced on the edge of a blood feud and she was responsible for saving the land from invaders. The prophecy is vague about what she must do, but spot on that it’s her job to save the land for Arabela, the arrogant bitch who pulled her out of her cushy life. No one listens to her pleas to go home. Madeline knows only one thing for sure. She can’t fall in love with a handsome knight because she’s going home as soon as magically possible. That’s something she will control if it kills her. If you love epic fantasy series with a twist of romance and a reluctant hero,


Running The Game

For Jocaster, winning the game last session meant a place in leadership. Anyone who didn't win was lucky to get assigned anything but the starship maintenance crew and a short life. Now his faith in the game is rocked because he has to go back in and fix the outcome. Does this mean the game is rigged? Or is this a test of his loyalty.