Naomi Jane Kelly


I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband, Libby the chihuahua, and Bear the Manx cat. I have two grown daughters who have followed their dreams and now it's finally time to follow mine. Some of my hobbies include reading, knitting, decorating cakes and traveling with my family.

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Ingrid, The Viking Maiden (Preview)

Ingrid desires nothing more than to train as a Viking shield maiden. When an ancient evil emerges and threatens her village, Ingrid seizes the opportunity to prove herself. Stowing aboard her father’s dragon ship, she hurtles toward danger and comes face to face with abilities hidden deep within. As she struggles to understand her powers, strange beings, both beautiful and terrifying put her new found strengths to the test. To make matters worse, she is pulled into Asgard and warned that all the realms are in turmoil. Only Ingrid holds the power to restore peace and order. Plunged into a destiny beyond her wildest dreams, she must decide what to do. How can a simple farm girl change the fate of nine realms? Will she take the risk to find out?



How can you keep a secret that no one ever told you? Agnethe, a young Norse girl living in 882 Danelaw, finds herself alone and needing to answer that question. Now, she'll have to find a way to learn the secret or risk losing the knowledge forever. One mysterious woman could be the key if Agnethe can find her. To make matters worse, she's forced to leave her home and deal with abusive relatives, just as she starts to experience strange premonitions she doesn't understand. Then she meets a handsome visitor who helps her chart a new future, but, will she be able to find the answers she seeks and the security she needs?