Nanea Knott

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Remember Me

Will He Remember? Willow is a succubus tired of being alone. She wants to find her mate. Greg is a police detective determined to find the right woman for him. A suspicious car accident brings them together. Greg has a lot of questions. Willow answers them knowing that once she sleeps with him, he'll forget everything she told him, or will he? This paranormal erotic romance is book one in the Sex Demon Series.


The Photograph

A model chasing a photographer, who knew? Mikal Ramirez is a sought after male model. Almost all of the local photographers want to take his picture, all but one, sexy Julia Agentis. He follows her around trying to figure out why she doesn’t notice him. Julia takes photos of real life. Shooting outdoors at events is where she prefers to be. She gets a call from her best friend Stacy to do a photo shoot. Julia takes the job. She doesn’t know that Mikal orchestrated her being hired just so he could meet her. Mikal tries to tell her he wants more from her than just a roll in the sack. She doesn’t believe him and tells him to take a hike. To convince her he’s serious about her, he’s going to do something he’s never done before, but will it work?


Hawaiian Winter Heat

Christmas in Hawaii isn’t supposed to suck. Unfortunately, for Anna that may be the case. Most of the three years with Christopher had been wonderful until they moved to Hawaii. Now she’s thinking of leaving him. Christopher loves Anna, and might have been able to build a life with her if he hadn’t come back to Hawaii. A sexy Hawaiian man captured his heart the last time he lived here and the memories haunt him still. Keoni’s heart was broken five years ago and he hasn’t been the same. He meets a beautiful woman at the beach and thinks maybe she will be the one to help him forget the man who left him. Three lives collide; emotions run high, and the sex is smoking. Each of them must play their part in revealing the past, healing the present, and decide their future.