Nanea Knott

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Remember Me Nanea Knott

Will He Remember? Willow is a succubus tired of being alone. She wants to find her mate. Greg is a police detective determined to find the right woman for him. A suspicious car accident brings them together. Greg has a lot of questions. Willow answers them knowing that once she sleeps with him, he'll forget everything she told him, or will he? This paranormal erotic romance is book one in the Sex Demon Series.


Nikola Nanea Knott

Who Will Be Her New Master? 20-year old Nikola was already a slave when slave traders raided her village. She knelt on the frozen ground amid the chaos wondering what would become of her. Dagmar was the one person allowed to let people go, for a price. He had never considered owning a slave. When asked to take Nikola to protect her, Dagmar accepted. It was only temporary. After a heavy snow storm, Nikola disappears. Dagmar, still injured, must depend on others to find her. He knows she loves him. He can’t lose her now.