Michael Lindley


The story of the "Emmalee" grew from my childhood spent at my great grandfather's marina and boatworks on Lake Charlevoix in Northern Michigan in the 1950's and 60's. My family has lived in this remote area for generations. I was always fascinated by the "summer people" who came north to the lake from Detroit and Chicago each year, and particularly in their incredible yachts that my grandfather and his son's took care of during the summers at the boatworks. <br /> <br /> The Seasons of the Emmalee picks up on the theme of class differences between the elite summer visitors and the local hometown families who took care of their homes and their boats, and benefitted from the incredible wealth that flowed into their town in each year from the "summer people". The story also looks at relationships challenged by family betrayal, murder and tragic loss, overcome in the end through the power of redeeming love.<br /> <br /> I hope you enjoy the story of the great ship "Emmalee" and the lives she touched, as much as I enjoyed recreating this idyllic time and place in Northern Michigan.

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The Seasons of the EmmaLee

A classic story of historical fiction and suspense, The Seasons of the EmmaLee takes the reader back to the idyllic resort town of Charlevoix, Michigan in the years before and after World War II, to share the life of Emily Compton, a young woman of privilege whose family owns the magnificent cruising yacht, the EmmaLee. Jonathan McKendry, son of a local boatyard owner, finds himself tragically drawn into the world of the Compton's exclusive summer enclave with his fascination for the great ship and attraction for their daughter, Emily. Their story will take you on a journey of betrayal, murder, shattered dreams and redeeming love. 