Mathias Müller


Low in carbohydrates, full flavor – in this wonderful cookbook Mathias Müller explains several basic recipes in detail. Müller’s clear-cut, passionate writing not only inspires novices to follow their intuition in the kitchen and understand the essence of a recipe: "Honestly, good food is nothing more than good ingredients prepared simply". There are lots of delicious and easy recipes for a healthy diet to cook for any meal. <br /> <br /> "HEALTHY LIVING" is Müller’s philosophy which comes to life in every line of his books. Müller has published various bestsellers: <br /> <br /> "Low Carb Recipes - 50 Lunch Recipes for Successful Weight Loss in Just 2 Weeks" <br /> <br /> "Low Carb Recipes – 50 Dinners for Permanent Weight Loss Success"<br /> <br /> "Low Carb Recipes - 50 Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes for Successful Weight Loss in Just 2 Weeks"<br /> <br /> "Low Carb Recipes – 14-Day Plan with Delicious Recipes for Permanent Weight Loss at Home and on the Road”<br /> <br /> “Low Carb Recipes - 100 Low Carb breakfast recipes for successful weight loss in 2 weeks”<br /> <br /> “Low Carb Recipes - 100 Low Carb Desserts for Successful Weight Loss in 2 Weeks”<br /> <br /> "Low Carb Recipes – 300 Low Carb Recipes for Permanent Weight Loss Success"

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100 Low Carb Breakfast Recipes for Successful Weight Loss in 2 Weeks

Weight loss in two weeks is a recurring theme in cookbooks. While their recipes often focus on lunch, dinner or snacks, one of the most important meals is often greatly neglected. Of course we’re talking about breakfast. And just like all low carb recipes, taste is much more important than doing without. The 100 recipes in this cookbook are split into 10 categories, each with 10 recipes. These categories are: Sweet recipes Hearty recipes Vegetarian recipes Vegan recipes Recipes for at home Recipes to go Recipes for guests Recipes for special occasions Recipes for work International recipes Healthy weight loss with low carb! Download or order NOW your copy!