Mark Gillespie


Mark Gillespie was born in Glasgow, Scotland. Nowadays he lives in Melbourne, Australia with his wife and small menagerie of four-legged creatures.<br /> <br /> He writes Speculative Fiction - what if scenarios, alternate history, dystopian, apocalyptic, with a little pop culture thrown in on the side.<br /> <br /> He is the author of the popular Future of London Series - a 'masterfully written' dystopian saga in which a futuristic London has been cut off from the rest of civilisation and has over the years, become a reality TV show for the rest of the world's entertainment. <br /> <br /> He is also responsible for the FAB Trilogy - a series of alternate history-fantasy books that imagine a world in which John Lennon is alive and well. ("For sheer amazing imagination, FAB is hard to beat.")<br /> <br /> Find out more at

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The Future of London Box Set (Books 1-3)

This box set contains the first three novels in The Future of London Series. ('Modern Dystopian at its very best.' - Kirsten McKenzie, Author of Painted)


FAB (The FAB Trilogy #1)

What If John Lennon Had Lived? December 8th 1980 - Murphy 'Jagger’ Salmon, ageing hippy, part-time drunk and Rolling Stones fan, is on his way home from the pub when he accidentally saves John Lennon from the assassin’s bullet. 'FAB' is a fast-paced, rip-roaring ride through the 1980s - a decade in which greed was good and shoulder pads made sense. It was an era of uncertainty - of Cold War and nuclear weapons. 'FAB’ also pokes fun at our obsession with celebrity, whilst fondly recalling some of the unique fashions and pop culture moments that made the 1980s so unforgettable.


L-2011 (Future of London #1)

What if the 2011 London Riots Had Never Stopped? August 2011 - The London riots, coordinated by technology and social media, have brought the city to its knees. Buildings are burning. Homes and businesses are destroyed. When the government and police fail, two alternative leaders emerge in a battle for the future soul of London. Chester George - a masked man who uses YouTube, punk rock and fierce intellect to spread the anarchy. Sadie Hobbs - Reality TV star and blogger. She urges 'normal’ society to fight back against Chester George and the 'feral rats’ destroying the city. The fate of London hangs in the balance. And when the day of reckoning comes, hundreds of thousands of people, including 16-year-old Mack Walker, will descend upon the city for a day that no one will ever forget.