Lise McClendon


I’m a fiction writer and have been working on my stories since 1983. That’s when my second boy was born and I figured I better have something to keep my brain going! My first novel, The Bluejay Shaman, appeared in 1994. I have published over a dozen novels plus a couple short stories and a variety of articles, including the group novel I published with four other mystery authors, Beat Slay Love. I once was the film reviewer for the BAKERSFIELD CALIFORNIAN newspaper and love movies. I served on the national boards of directors for Mystery Writers of America and International Ass’n of Crime Writers/North America. Every summer I join the faculty for the Jackson Hole Writers Conference, critiquing, workshopping, and talking writing with writers of all stripes. I lived in Wyoming twice, in Jackson and Lander, twenty years apart. In between, and now, I am home in Montana. I still remember all the words to that childhood song I learned in fourth grade: “My home’s in Montana, I wear a bandanna, my spurs are of silver, my pony is gray…” So far I have neither pony nor spurs but I love my home state.

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The Frenchman Preview

Read this preview of The Frenchman, the fifth book in the Bennett Sisters Mystery Series, out in August 2017.


The Bluejay Shaman: Alix Thorssen Mystery


Traveling the back roads of Montana, gallery owner Alix Thorssen is far from home. Whoever killed Shiloh Merkin wanted her dead. But did her brother-in-law, a University of Montana anthropology professor, do the deed?

It's a mystery, all right, from the cozy women's crystal-gazers to the whacky professors, she's got a lot of secrets to unearth.

Alix follows a trail of hidden identities, moonlit rituals, and ancient artifacts to clear her sister's husband.

In this first novel of the Jackson Hole series, recently edited and launched as by 'Grier Lake,' Lise McClendon weaves a gripping tale of suspense, blending Indian lore, the timeless clash of western values, and the magnificent landscape of the Rockies.