Lisa Kopp


Hello readers, I'm Lisa a young and new writer to the imaginative world of writing. I have always enjoyed writing my own stories or thinking them up in my head. I played roleplaying games with friend and thought up fun imaginative story lines. So now I'm trying my hand or "keyboard" out on writing fantasy stories that take the reader to imaginary places. I hope to excite the reader and put them in the place of the characters I create.

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The Creation Stone

Evil has discovered the keystone. The wheel of destiny is turning for four unlikely people who must stop this evil named Lonarth. With the threat of evil obtaining the keystone to resurrect the creation stone, can these four people stone Lonarth from achieving his goal? They must become the guardians of the creation stone. Can they see into themselves to understand their true natures or will Lonarth succeed in finding the keystone and ruling the realm