Lisa-Marie Cabrelli


Lisa-Marie Cabrelli writes breezy, contemporary romance novels perfect for your next rainy night in, a day on the beach or trip on an airplane.

She is following her dream of writing for readers after spending her life in several other professions including: waitress, salesperson, actress, voice-over artist, software developer, systems analyst, ecommerce entreprenuer, marketing consultant and small business coach. This is by far her favorite job so far.

Lisa-Marie is married to a sexy Scotsman has a grown up daughter and lives in Florida, Italy and sometimes Scotland. She loves to hear from her readers and has found some of her best friends through a shared love of reading. You can get in touch via her website where she also blogs about her travels and has some business stuff that you can ignore.

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Unraveled Preview Lisa-Marie Cabrelli

Claire and Satish have perfectly planned lives. Those lives are about to collide. Claire’s life is unraveling. She needs this job. But how can she survive when her creepy boss, Nick, promotes her to a role she doesn’t understand, especially when it’s clear he expects something in return? Things get more complicated when she meets the unbearably sexy vice-president, Satish Bhatt. He’s cold, intimidating, and incredibly distracting. Can Claire save her job and her heart, even when lies and sabotage are on the horizon? The last thing Satish needs is for Nick to saddle him with another one of his floozies. He has more pressing issues on his hands, like a rebel little sister gone out of control. But Claire Black is different… and irresistible.


Uncharted Lisa-Marie Cabrelli

She has rules, "No men, no friends, no distractions." He’s about to make her break them. Since the day she came close to losing everything, straitlaced Nandita lives by her rules. But on college graduation day her life starts careening downhill. She gets rejected from the graduate program of her dreams then realizes she has six months to leave the country and return to her controlling parents in India. Her worst nightmare. And creepiest of all, she has a stalker. A man with dark penetrating eyes is following her everywhere. Ravi’s angry about everything. His life is poisoned by secrets. And now his summer has been highjacked by blackmail. He’s forced into a job he doesn’t want involving a breathtakingly beautiful girl he’s too nervous to approach. Could she be the antidote to his poison?