Lila Kane


Lila Kane is a full-time author who thrives on steamy scenes and hot insta-love. She lives in the Rocky Mountains where the views are picturesque and inspire stories of alpha men and feisty heroines.<br />

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All of Me

Tori Birch has visions. Sometimes they’re harmless and sometimes they’re deadly. There’s a long line of women in her family with this gift, and she knows she should listen to it, but all she wants is a normal life. Especially when she meets her sexy new neighbor and his daughter. A normal relationship is within her grasp—until she starts having visions of her neighbor’s daughter, and all signs point to danger. Cole came to Garden Creek to find safety for his daughter and to give her a sense of normalcy. His incredibly hot neighbor not only provides that for his daughter but for himself—and he’s starting to fall in love. But Tori has secrets. Secrets that make him question everything he’s ever believed and threaten to derail his daughter’s progress. Cole wants Tori more than he’s wanted


Breathe (Breathe, Book 1)

A new home. A new start. An old flame. I thought I’d finally gotten over Finnigan Moore after he broke my heart. But working with the billionaire mogul again reminds me of how intensely I wanted him. And how intensely he still wants me. But my past is complicated. Complicated enough that even Finn’s dark eyes and undeniable appeal can’t break through. Because a relationship with him means risking my heart. But worse than that, it also means risking his life.


All I Want for Christmas

Every Christmas I wish for the same thing. To get the hell out of my small town. But life likes to kick you when you’re down and doesn’t give a crap about your dreams. Unless you’re big-shot ex-movie star, Dylan Vaughn. When Dylan arrives in town, claiming he needs a new beginning, I don’t buy it. No one comes to Cedar Creek to start over. Everyone tries to leave Cedar Creek to start over. I refuse to be charmed by Dylan, even if he’s determined to show me that small towns can be just as appealing as big cities. But he’s relentless. And when things start to heat up in Cedar Creek, I’m beginning to think I might have a new Christmas wish.


Handyman for Hire

When I catch Carson squatting in my house, I almost call the police. After all, he’s breaking and entering and he scared me to death. But when I find out where he really comes from and what he can do for me, I have an idea. Have Carson help me flip the giant beat-up home I’d purchased on a whim. He might be down on his luck, but he’s very good with his hands. Even though I know Carson’s type—cocky and scared of commitment—he still does his best to charm me. Long days and long nights in a hot house with a hot guy get under my skin. And there’s only one way to scratch that itch…


Fiancee for Sale

I wasn’t supposed to be dumped weeks before my wedding day. Not only have I lost my dream come true, but I’m also massively in debt because of all my wedding purchases. So what’s a girl to do? Easy. Sell the wedding. I put my dress, the venue, even the damned centerpieces up for sale. How was I to know the man who’d come to possibly purchase them was also looking for a bride? But I need the money, and maybe…maybe I need a little adventure in my life, too. Instead of playing it safe, maybe this billionaire is the key to turning my life around. I thought I was getting a fiancé and enough money to get me back on my feet, but I didn’t realize I might also be falling in love. ***Mild to Steamy