Laura Marie


Laura writes steamy paranormal romances about young witches being seduced by hot bad boy magic wielding hunks.<br /> <br /> Laura loves reading paranormal romances with true romance and no BS cliffhangers!<br /> <br /> Laura lives in Australia with her hot latin husband and their tiny ginger cat. She loves travelling to romantic tropical locations, and raiding local markets for knick knacks.

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The Unrivaleds Witch

Theirs is a love bound by centuries and destroyed by dark magic. Now that love has resurrected along with the star-crossed lovers but there seems to be no happy ending in sight… Beneath the dark, smoldering, possessive gaze of the mysterious stranger, Rebecca realizes that she is not just a modern-day witch but one-half of an age-old love story. Passion, anger, betrayal and suspicion continue to flare on Arthur and Rebecca’s journey towards ridding the world of the greatest magical threat that ever lived: the Dark Prince. But despite the challenges and danger they