LaShawn Vasser


LaShawn Vasser has penned over twenty best-selling contemporary romance novels and novellas.

From a very young age, LaShawn developed a deep love of books and a passion for writing that she couldn't wait to share with the world!

LaShawn is also a dedicated wife and mother of three. She enjoys trying new recipes and cooking big family meals with her sisters. These dinners tend to be loud and filled with lots of good crazy – oftentimes the perfect setting for inspiring juicy, new plot ideas.

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Fragments of Us (A Contemporary Broken Hearts Romance Book 2)

Who has the perfect love story? Certainly not Mr. and Mrs. Chatham . . .

It’s been five years since Davis and Nicole said their I. Dos—five years, two children, and a mansion on the hill, let’s not forget . . . their very own island. Perfect love story right? Wrong. Not when old habits die hard, and new ones are worse than the old.

This will be the ultimate fight for survival and takes them back to where it all started. In Fragments of Us, Davis and Nicole can only hope to put the broken pieces of their lives back together.

For mature audiences only.



Magnetic Pulse (The Hot Voltage Series Book 1)

Magnetic Pulse is an action-packed heart-pounding romantic thrill-ride.

It wasn’t a chance encounter or love at first sight that brought Bo Stratton and Austin McKenzie together, but fear, desperation, and need. That trio of emotions kept them close. Close enough for Bo to realize that Austin makes her heart race . . . her blood boil . . . and her body pulse. Unfortunately, she can’t stand him. As a matter of fact, she would like to be as far away from him as possible. There was just one small problem . . . calamity has forced them together.

Maybe there wasn't just one problem - her dislike for Austin McKenzie could only be rivaled by her attraction.

Magnetic Pulse is book 1 in the Hot Voltage Series. Follow the events that lead Bo and Austin on an unbelievable journey as society beg


A Promise To Love (A Stranded Vacation Romance)