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Drowning For Rainbows

Police Chief Zoran faces an impossible choice. Finding justice for a child murder threatens to destabilize the precarious balance of peace in the entire region and hurl them into war. But he knows if he does nothing, he risks vengeance against his family. Dr. Katherine Gilmore cares little for politics, her only interest lies in saving the dying children of Sarajevo. When vital medical supplies fail to arrive, she is left with no choice but to take action risking her life and the lives of those in her care. As Bosnia faces war, Adem and Hannah, on the cusp of love, are torn apart by the conflict and trapped on opposing sides. Can Adem survive another day and reunite with Hannah?


Genesis Gene

You have sixty minutes to find it, steal it and bring it to us, or… she dies. With news of an alien armada heading toward Earth, the world descends into panic. Alex Caine and his wife Sarah flee Rome on the first flight home to be with their family. At thirty thousand feet aboard a plane traveling home, Alex discovers his wife Sarah is missing. No one believes she boarded the plane with him. He searches the entire plane, but Sarah is nowhere to be found. Then he gets the cell phone call that will change his life forever: You have sixty minutes to find it, steal it and bring it to us, or… she dies. Book 1 in the Genesis Invasion trilogy. Book 2 Genesis Child and Book 3 Genesis Revelations also available now!